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Did You "Find Out" or Did You "Figure It Out"?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, May 07, 2013 @ 09:32 AM

find out English phraseIf you want to learn to communicate with native English speakers, here are two phrasal verbs that you need to know: "find out" and "figure out."

These two verbs are similar, but different and they are used in different situations.

Want to know the difference?

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Santa found out what the boy wanted for Christmas.



#1) Find out


  • find out photo of guy on the phoneWhat does it mean? When we find something out, we receive information or knowledge from an outside source. Someone tells us something. This is a more passive event.


  • How can we use it? "I found out that my team had lost the game." or "We found out that the criminals lived in our neighborhood."




#2) Figure out

figure out

  • What does it mean? When we figure something out, we take a more active role. We actively try to find the answer to a question or a solution for a problem.


  • How can we use it? "We figured out a great way to solve our problem." or "Have you figured out how to get cheap flight tickets to Europe?"







Choose the correct verb for each sentence ("find out" or "figure out")

English quiz sign in hand

1. When he ____1_____ that he had been accepted at Princeton, he celebrated for a week.

2. Can you help me ____2_____ the fastest way to get from Boston to New York by car?

3. My boyfriend was cheating on me for 3 years, but I never ____3_____ about it.

4. I can't ___4_____ how to use my new phone! It's too complicated!

5. We just ___5____ that our roommate is moving out so we have to find someone new.



Answers: 1- found out, 2- figure out, 3-found out, 4- figure out, 5- found out



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