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Let's "Stock Up" Before the Storm!

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Sun, May 12, 2013 @ 07:59 PM

stock upToday let's talk about the phrasal verb "stock up."

How can we use it? Here is a quick example:

"Our family stocked up on food and supplies before the big hurricane."



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To Stock Up

"We stocked up on gardening supplies and put it all in the back of the car."

  • stock up on things and put them in the car, English phrasal verbWhat does it mean? When we "stock up" we buy an extra large amount of food, usually to prepare for some kind of storm or event that would make it hard to get more supplies.

  • Grammar tip: With this verb, you cannot separate "stock" and "up." Instead you need to say "we stocked up on something"

  • Examples: "Toilet paper is on sale today. Let's stock up." "The grocery store was empty by the time we arrived because everyone had already stocked up for the blizzard."


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