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Are you Going to "Sleep In" this Weekend?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 10:59 AM

English verb sleep  Welcome to today's lesson!  Today's article will give you 3 new ways to talk about sleep using phrasal verbs so that you can participate in conversations with native English speakers. Today's verbs are:


  • doze off

  • nod off

  • sleep in




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#1) "Doze Off"


dozing off

  • Meaning: When we "doze off" we fall asleep (usually a light sleep) during the day, such as an afternoon nap.

  • Grammar Tip: "doze off" is an inseparable verb. You cannot separate "doze" and "off." The two words must stay together in the sentence. See the examples below.

  • Examples: "John dozed off at his desk after a busy morning." "We dozed off in the park on Sunday afternoon."




#2) "Nod Off"


  • nodding off, people sleeping on subwayMeaning: When someone "nods off" they fall asleep and it usually happens while they are sitting up in a chair and while they aren't trying to fall asleep.

  • Grammar Tip: This phrasal verb is inseparable. "Nod" and "off" cannot be separated.

  • Examples: "Jim nodded off during the presentation at work."





#3) "Sleep In"

  •  sleep in phrasal verbMeaning: When we plan to stay in bed late in the morning (usually on the weekends), we "sleep in"

  • Grammar Tip: This phrasal verb is inseparable. You cannot separate "sleep" and "in."

  • Examples: "On Sunday morning I was so tired that I slept in until noon."






fall asleep phrasal verbsSarah: Hey Jane you look pretty tired. Did you get enough sleep last night?

John: I got to bed late last night and I decided to ____1_____ this morning instead of coming to work at 8am. I hope no one noticed.

Sarah: Don't worry, I don't think anyone saw you come in late. But I did see you ___2____ during the staff meeting yesterday.

John: I know. I was exhausted. I think I have been working too hard.

Sarah: Sometimes I get really tired at work and coffee keeps me from _____3______ during the workday. There is a Starbucks down the street. Do you want me to pick up a coffee for you?

John: Sure, that would be great. Thanks Sarah!



Quiz answers: 1) sleep in    2) nodding off   3) dozing off



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