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English Phrases: Climbing Mt. Fuji in the Rain

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Sat, May 07, 2011 @ 09:50 AM

English phrases Have you ever tried climbing a mountain in the rain? While I was working as an English tutor in Japan, I climbed Mt. Fuji on a rainy day in July with two other teachers. Today I want to share my Mt. Fuji story. The story contains English phrases, phrasal verbs and expressions that are commonly used in the United States. Your job is to choose the correct English phrases to complete the story. Good luck!




Climbing Mt Fuji in the Rain


Choose the Correct English Phrases


to set off, to turn back, to head for, to chicken out, to come down, to rain cats and dogs, to give up, to take a stab at


While teaching English in Japan, I often found myself staring at Mt. Fuji from the train station in Tokyo, thinking eagerly of the day that I would be able to ____1____ the summit. Finally, in late June, three of us gathered the courage to _____2_____ it.

Our first mistake was to climb Mt. Fuji during the rainy season.  We __3___ on a bus from Tokyo which took us to the base of the mountain. When we got to the mountain, it was ____4____.  The rain was really ___5_____ but we couldn't ___6____ and___7___ without trying. We didn't want to ___8_____. So we decided to climb Mt. Fuji in the rain.


...continue the story and take the quiz



Check your Answers:

1- head for

2- take a stab at it

3- set off

4- raining cats and dogs

5- coming down

6- turn back

7- give up

8- chicken out




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photo credit- Maya Gregorovich Barsky

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