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New York English Tutoring: 3 Minute Coffee Break Quiz!

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Sat, Jun 25, 2011 @ 07:58 AM

New York English Tutoring pencils Do you think you have the English skills you need to communicate with your colleagues and neighbors in New York? In New York, English tutoring can help you reach the level of English that you need for success in the United States. Today, you can test your knowledge of real English that is used every day, not textbook English. Do you have 3 minutes? Grab a coffee and try this 3 minute quiz on phrasal verbs and expressions. Remember to change the verbs to the past, present or future tense depending on the sentence. After you finish the quiz, you can check your answers below, good luck!



Try the Quiz!


1. I was hoping to ________ with you to the mall because I need to do some shopping but you didn't invite me.

a) go through

b) come along

c) come up


2. My mother wasn't prepared when her friends________. She didn't even have a chance to straighten up the house.

a) come down with

b) go down

c) come by


3. During the recession of 2008, many people ________ the difficult experience of not having a job.

a) go through

b) come along

c) come into


4. If I hadn't ________ this illness, I would have been able to go with you to the party.

a) come through

b) go off

c) come down with


5. They know that they are going to ______ a lot of money when their father dies.

a) come up

b) come into

c) go through


6. You shouldn't have _______ with his ideas if you didn't agree with him

a) come down with

b) come along

c) go along with


7. I wouldn't have been late this morning if my alarm had__________

a) come by

b) come up

c) go off



Answer Key:


1) come along, 2) came by, 3) went through, 4) come down with, 5) come into, 6) gone along with, 7) gone off




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 The photo in this post is credited to Made Underground

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