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Global Leadership | What Does It Take to Lead Across Cultures?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Aug 08, 2011 @ 03:25 PM

global leadership team meetingIs global leadership a part of your career in the United States? If you are an international professional working in New York or Boston and you are collaborating with people from different cultures at work, you are a global leader! How successful are you at global leadership? Are you able to communicate clearly with your team members or do you sometimes misunderstand them? Do you have the same work style as your colleagues? If not, how is that affecting your ability to work together? In the United States these days, most large companies have employees from all different parts of the world. Learn how to be successful in your career in the United States! In this post, find out what the crucial skills are that every global leader must have to be successful at work.




 To Be an Effective Global Leader, You Need:


1) Cross-Cultural Communication: Can you recognize how culture influences the way that you and your colleagues communicate through words and body language? Are you able to communicate effectively in a second or third language such as English?


2) Cultural Adjustment: You are living in the United States- a new country with a different culture. If you want to do well at work, you need to first be comfortable and content in your new life here. How has culture shock affected you since you arrived? How have you handled culture shock?


3) Cultural Synergy: In your intercultural workplace, there are more differences than similarities among the staff members but that can be a good thing! Do you know how to put together a successful team of colleagues by combining the strengths of each person's culture?


 Are You Ready to Become a Better Global Leader?


Cultural Transitions: What to Expect When You Move to the United States

Culture Intelligence: More Than Just Common Sense



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Source: Moran, Robert T.,Harris, Philip R., and Moran, Sarah V. (2007)  Managing Cultural Differences:  Global Leadership Strategies for the Twenty-first Century.  Boston:  Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann. (7th edition)

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