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English Communication | How To Describe Intelligence

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Aug 10, 2011 @ 08:37 AM

 English communication dog with glassesIn today's English communication vocabulary workshop, you will learn how to describe people.

Sometimes you might need to describe someone's intelligence level.

Do you know the correct vocabulary words to describe intelligence?

My student from Europe, who is a scientist, told me last week that he was asked by his boss to interview new applicants in his research lab and when the interviews were over, his boss would ask him about the applicants.

My student didn't know how to describe the applicants' competence and qualifications because he didn't have the right vocabulary words in English.

In today's post, you will learn some new vocabulary words to describe intelligence and competence. Give it a try and improve your English communication skills for work or for your everyday life!


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Vocabulary Words To Describe Intelligence:


  • Bright: Very intelligent
  • Competent: Capable of doing the job, well-trained and knoweldgeable in a specific field
  • Qualified: competent, able to do a specific job or fill a position
  • Gifted: Exceptionally high level of intelligence
  • Unqualified: Not able to do a job, not well trained or prepared
  • Talented: Having a special ability or aptitude
  • Knowledgeable: Well-informed, having a lot of insight or understanding 
  • Wise: Having good judgment
  • Clever: sharp, quick, intelligent
  • Creative: An original thinker, coming up with new and different ideas
  • Unintelligent: Not smart
  • Sharp: Smart, quick, clever
  • Brainy: Studious, educated, intellectual
  • Articulate: Capable of speaking intelligently and clearly
  • Unimaginative: Not creative, not an original thinker
  • Intellectual: Studious, academic
  • Slow: Not intelligent



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