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English Vocabulary Words for a Hurricane | To Weather the Storm

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Sun, Aug 28, 2011 @ 10:05 AM

English vocabulary words, hurricaneThis has been a summer of crazy weather! In July, we had a heat wave and just last week we felt an earthquake! Today, as hurricane season gets started, we are dealing with Hurricane Irene, a rare storm which is passing up the east coast and hitting New York City as well as Boston. As you know, Americans love to talk about the weather. We have many English idioms that are related to weather and it is a common small talk subject. So, today I would like to give you some English vocabulary words that you can use to talk about this hurricane.



English Vocabulary Words To Talk about Hurricanes


Storm surge (noun)- The level of the sea increases abnormally as a result of a large storm


Electrical outage (noun)- During a hurricane the electricity often goes out for an extended period of time


Torrential downpours (noun)- Rain that comes down fast and violently


Flash flood (noun)-  A sudden rush of water that is caused by heavy rainfall


Stock up (idiom)- To gather supplies such as food, water and flashlights before a large storm


To ride out the storm/ to weather the storm (expression)- To remain in one's home or current location while the storm passes through even if the home is expected to be hit hard


The eye of the storm (noun)- The center of the storm


To be hit hard (verb)- To receive a strong impact from a storm


To evacuate (verb)- To leave a dangerous area that is expected to be hit by a storm, such as a beach town




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