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Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Jan 23, 2012 @ 09:59 AM

win a free English lesson BostonToday I would like to announce a new opportunity to practice your English! Starting in February of 2012, we will be giving away a free English lesson to one member of our Facebook community every month. How does it work? It's simple, we will announce the free lesson on our Facebook wall and if you are the first one to respond, you get the free lesson! The lessons can be held in person if you are in Boston or on Skype if you are anywhere else in the world! How can you increase your chances of winning? Make sure you "like" our Facebook page, and check back every few days to see if the offer is available.



Other Ways to Get Involved with English and Culture


  • Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter: We want to help you reach your English goals in 2012. Every month, we send out a newsletter with tips on how to learn English, lessons on vocabulary, idioms and business English and advice on how to improve your cultural competence. Does this sound interesting to you? Sign up to receive the newsletter here.

  • Participate in an interview about your adjustment to life in the United States and get a free English lesson: What do you notice about US culture that is different from your native culture? Communication styles? Ways of doing business? How easily did you adjust to life here? What advice can you give to others on how to adjust to life in the US? If you are in Boston and you have some great ideas to contribute, schedule an interview! We will record your ideas and use them to complete a project on cultural competence for the website. In return for your time, you will receive a free 1 hour English lesson! Sign up for your interview here.

  • Get serious about your English | Create a customized learning plan: If you want to see real improvement and you are ready to commit to regular, weekly lessons, contact us and we will meet to create a customized learning plan that works for you.



Get involved with English and Culture and reach your English goals in 2012! Good luck!



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