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What Does It Mean to "Show Off"?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, May 03, 2013 @ 01:02 PM

Show off  phrasal verb in EnglishLet's talk about a new phrasal verb today! Today's English phrasal verb is:

Show off

We use this verb when we want to say that someone is trying to stand out or draw attention to themselves by doing something unusual.

Here's a sample sentence:




"That breakdancer is really showing off in front of the crowd."



Two ways to use "show off"

  • To show something or someone off: For example, we can say, "Mary bought new shoes in New York and then wore them to a dinner party to show them off." Or we can say, "Rick is showing off his new girlfriend because she is beautiful."
  • To show off: This means that you are showing off a skill or knowledge that you have. This can sometimes be annoying for other people. For example, we can say, "My boyfriend kept showing off by telling annoying jokes at dinner."



Sample conversation:

fancy shoes show offJen: Did you get new shoes?

Emily: Yeah, I got these shoes at a 50% discount. I was so excited when I found them!

Jen: Wow, they are really cool! Where did you get them?

Emily: I got them at Zappo's! They have some great stuff on their website.

Jen: Wow, I am going to check it out. You should definitely wear them to the party tonight to show them off.

Emily: Yes, I am definitely going to wear them tonight. See you at the party!

Jen: Ok, see you later



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