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 What is your dream?

Is your lack of confidence in English preventing you from achieving that dream? You already have talent, skills, and professional expertise.

Your only obstacle is your English.

I want to help you finally achieve your goals by getting you to a place of confidence and strength when it comes to your English. I can't wait to work with you!


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Why Should You Choose English and Culture?


Bernd, Speakative English Conversation Program




Ricardo, Speakative English Conversation Program





 Joan, Speakative English Conversation Program



  • English tutor Boston, color splashEnglish lessons and cultural competence coaching and training.

  • Flexible time and location for lessons, coaching, and training

  • Customized packages designed for your needs

  • Experienced, effective, and professional instructors and trainers

  • Save time, learn more, and reach your goals faster


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Courses Designed for You


Flexibility & Convenience

Intensive Short English Course:

Improve your English while you are visiting New York or Boston, take 3 or more classes per week.



Regular Weekly English Lessons:

Schedule your lesson at a regular time each week or choose a flexible schedule.


Corporate Courses and Business English:

Help your employees to communicate in English with customers and colleagues.


Cultural Consulting and Training:

Give your staff the tools to navigate cultural differences in business.




Our English lessons are at quiet cafes, libraries or your workpace. The location is selected for your convenience.


Virtual Lessons:

We are also available for English lessons via Skype.




Work with us at a time that is convenient for you. We are available mornings, afternoons, and evenings.



Change your lesson date and time when needed.



English tutor Boston


During our private English lessons, you will speak English 100% of the time. Our lessons are interactive and interesting. You will improve your grammar, pronunciation, intonation and learn new vocabulary words by discussing topics that are important to you such as cultural differences between your country and the United States and your adjustment to life in New York or Boston.

In our classes, you will notice a positive environment where you will not be afraid to make a mistake. Our teachers are patient and flexible and we will plan the lessons according to your goals.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Our Students



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"My tutor has been great, fully understanding my fear, my skill and my behavior. Classes one to one have given me more confidence in myself.

Every time, I read a new article in a local newspaper, improved my pronunciation and listened to some movies or songs. Also, I loved the Skype lessons."

-Chiara, Italy, Premium Program



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"My teacher is excellent and the instruction has been very enjoyable. She adapted to my learning style and found a way to teach that was suitable for me, based on my personal experience and background.

She is also flexible, both in terms of time and subject matter so you can be sure to focus on exactly what you need at the moment."

-Hiro, Japan, Premium Program


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"My classes with English and Culture have been awesome. I have been taking the classes for almost two months, twice a week and I am really happy about my improvement. Now I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking English and more fluent, too.

I thank my teacher for all her patience and extraordinary enjoyment of teaching English. I fully recommend English and Culture"

-Elkin, Colombia, Premium Program

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Student Testimonials

"I enjoyed very much the classes that I had with English and Culture. My teacher showed me some phrasal verbs and how to use them. The classes are flexible and you can reach your goals because the teacher prepares them especially for you"

-Adriana, Brazil


"I have not been interested in English in the past. However, I came to the US and I took English lessons to work in my new office. I started my lessons at English and Culture this June and have had lessons twice a week since then. The lessons give me confidence speaking English."

"I can enjoy speaking English now. Our lessons also include writing and reading and my teacher concentrates on correcting my pronunciation, which helps me to pronounce fluently.  I look forward to the next lesson!"

-Myoungjin, South Korea


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