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When Was the Last Time You "Flipped Out"?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Thu, May 30, 2013 @ 07:28 AM

flip out phrasal verbDo you have a short temper? Do you get upset or excited or scared easily? If so, you might be someone who "flips out" all of the time.

In today's phrasal verb lesson, we are going to talk about the verb "flip out."

Here is a sample sentence:

Katie flipped out when her boyfriend forgot to wash the dishes.


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Flip Out

The hockey fans flipped out when their team won the game.


flip out sports fans

  • What does it mean?  When you "flip out" you feel extreme emotions intensely. You might get very angry and lose control or lose your temper. You might get really excited when you hear news about something good. 

  • Grammar tip: "Flip out" is an inseparable phrasal verb. You cannot separate "flip" and "out." The two pieces of the verb must come together.

  • Examples: "My mom flipped out when I came home late from the party" or " I flipped out when I found out that I had been accepted to Harvard"




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