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ESL Tutoring New YorkWe offer private, customized ESL tutoring in New York. We have helped our students reach their goals in many areas including:

  • English for academics
  • English for the workplace
  • Everyday English for general conversation
  • English pronunciation
  • Cultural competence for success in the US





chiara, nyc ESL tutoringStudent Profile:

Chiara relocated with her family from Italy to New York City in 2011. When she arrived, she felt overwhelmed and had a hard time communicating with her neighbors and people in her everyday life.


The Challenge:

Chiara wanted to gain confidence to speak English with her daughter's teachers and other parents at her daughter's school. She also wanted to make friends here in the US and to be able to experience American culture by meeting local people. With her goals in mind, she decided to take a long-term English course with English and Culture.


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Elkin student of English and CultureStudent Profile:

Elkin came to New York in 2010 to complete a graduate school course in engineering. He was very driven and motivated to become a professional in his field of civil engineering.


The Challenge:

Elkin was having difficulty understanding informal expressions, phrases and idioms that his professors were using in class. Not being familiar with everyday English expressions was holding him back from succeeding in his academic career. He also needed to improve his use of the conditionals in English.

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ESL Tutoring New York success story NataliaStudent Profile:

Natalia decided to take private lessons to improve her business English communication skills for her job when moved from Italy to New York in 2011.


The Challenge:

Natalia had a very busy schedule and she needed a customized course to help her become more comfortable making presentations in English, participating in teleconferences, sending business emails and speaking in both formal and casual tones in English at work and in her life outside of work.


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student of English and Culture in Boston Student Profile:

Cynthia moved to the U.S. in 2010. Between 2010 and 2012, she improved her English dramatically by speaking with friends and acquaintances in the community.


The Challenge:

Cynthia had a career goal. She wanted to become a Spanish to English interpreter. She decided to take the BU Interpreter Program entrance exam in November of 2012. She came to English and Culture for help two months before the exam. She knew that the exam would be difficult so she needed customized classes based on her goal and she also needed a teacher who could support and encourage her through the process of preparing for the exam.


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Tutoring ESL New York Hiro

Student Profile:

Hiro took an intensive English course in 2010 during a two week vacation in New York. He had a busy schedule during his trip but he took lessons 4 or 5 days per week to improve his English fluency.


The Challenge:

Hiro had a very limited schedule. Even though he was traveling, he was also working on his business and seeing different parts of New York during the day. He needed a very flexible lesson schedule that could be determined based on his availability.


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New York ESL tutoringStudent Profile:

Nevio spent a few weeks in New York during the winter of 2010. During that time, he wanted to improve his English grammar and pronunciation skills.


The Challenge:

Nevio only had a week for the lessons, so he needed a course that was planned based on his learning style, his goals and his tight schedule.


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ESL Tutoring New YorK success stories Manuel

Student Profile:

Manuel visited New York from the south of Spain for vacation for two weeks in 2008. He was busy visiting the city but he also wanted to take some time to improve his English while he was in the US.


The Challenge:

Manuel needed to work on his pronunciation and his English conversation skills. He didn't have many opportunities to practice his English while he was living in Spain so he really needed to learn as much as he could during his two weeks of vacation.


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Kyungup (Kuna)

ESL tutoring new york photo coming soonStudent Profile:

Kuna moved to New York from Korea in 2010 for a 3 month work assignment. He wanted to take advantage of his time in New York to improve his English as much possible.


The Challenge:

Kuna's work schedule was extremely busy. He did not have any opportunities during the day at work to practice his English and improve his grammar and pronunciation. He was only in the US for 3 months so he needed to invest his time and money wisely in an intensive ESL tutoring program where he could see improvement in a short period of time.


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ESL tutoringStudent Profile:

Patricia came to New York from Spain in 2009 for a short term project for her job in the fashion industry.


The Challenge:

She needed to improve her English quickly. She wanted to focus on pronunciation, grammar, listening comprehension and general fluency. She also wanted to increase her confidence as an English speaker. She needed to learn specific vocabulary words for her work assignment in New York.


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