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how to give a business presentation in English 1) How to Give a Business Presentation in English: Free Guide

  • Learn vocabulary words and phrases for the introduction, main body and conclusion of your presentation
  • Prepare a presentation that will be effective in American culture
  • Gain confidence in your ability to present with our tips and techniques

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lead a business meeting in English2) How to Lead a Business Meeting in English: 10 Phrases 

  • Prepare for your next meeting in English
  • Learn 10 important English phrases 
  • Find out how to open and close a meeting
  • Get phrases to use to transition to new meeting topics



10 Important Phrases for your Next Meeti


how to find the right private English tutor 3) How to Find the Right Private English Tutor | 11 Questions to Ask

  • Learn the questions you need to ask to find a tutor who is professional and reliable
  • Take the stress out of making the decision
  • Learn how to find a patient and flexible tutor
  • Find a tutor whose background matches your goals
  • Save time and money in your search for a tutor



Looking for an English Tutor? 11 Questio




4) Sign up to receive our English by Email Monthly NewsletterEnglish by Email Monthly Newsletter

  • Free advice on how to learn English every month
  • Video lessons and quizzes on grammar, vocabulary and idioms
  • Articles on cultural competence
  • Information about daily life in the United States
  • Become a part of our worldwide community of English learners!

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English Resource Phrasal Verbs5) Phrasal Verb Quiz Book | Expressions to Speak Like a Native

  • Take 3 full quizzes with answer keys
  • Learn phrasal verbs that are used in everyday life
  • Find out how to use the phrasal verbs in natural sentences








common mistakes for English learners6) Common Mistakes for English Learners | Lesson Kit

  • Video lesson on the future tense: "Will" vs. "Going to"
  • Video lesson on "Do" vs. "Make"
  • Video Lesson on confusing words in English
  • Quiz to test your learning


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English resource for international professionals, 4 business English guides7) Four Business English Guides for International Professionals

  • Improve your business English with 4 guides
  • Get information about life in the U.S. for professionals
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  • Get monthly English lessons and advice on how to learn English



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