Cultural Competence Coaching and Training

cultural competence globe in handWhat do you need to be successful in the United States?

You know that English skills are important if you want to be successful in the United States. However, English skills will give you only 50% of the tools that you need to succeed. The other 50% of your success comes from cultural competence.




What is culture?

Culture is made up of our basic values and assumptions about life. It is the way we communicate, how we solve problems and what we consider logical. We might believe that these values and assumptions are shared by people from different parts of the world but in fact, they usually are not. Therefore, without examining culture, we don't even realize that we are all playing the same game (life) with a different set of rules. Learn more about culture...

What is cultural competence?

Cultural competence is a deep understanding of your own cultural identity, cultural values and how those values influence the way that you interact with people in the United States. Through cultural competence, you can also gain knowledge of American cultural values and communication styles and learn how to use that knowledge to be more effective in your professional and personal interactions in the United States.





Coaching Topics: A Customized Plan

cultural competence globe as puzzle We offer customized cultural training in Boston and New York.

  • Exploring your cultural identity
  • Understanding American culture



Your Cultural Competence Coach

cultural competence coach and globe on tableHi, my name is Lindsay.

I am the founder at English and Culture Tutoring Services. I am passionate about culture and I have significant experience living and working in new countries. Cultural competence is crucial for your success in a new country. We will help you feel comfortable not just using the English language, but also communicating and living in American culture.





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