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Free trial lesson with a qualified English tutorTake a free trial lesson with our head teacher to discuss your learning style and your English goals.

  • 30 minute free trial lesson
  • Discuss your learning style
  • Set your English learning goals
  • Create your cultural training plan





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Our Teaching Style

Free Trial lesson with qualified English teacher, pencilsDuring your private lessons at English and Culture, you will speak English 100% of the time.

The lessons are interactive and interesting. You will improve your grammar, pronunciation and intonation and learn new vocabulary words by discussing topics that are important to you.

In class, you will notice a positive environment where you will not be afraid to make a mistake. We are flexible and patient English tutors and we will plan the lessons according to your goals.




Student Testimonials

"My teacher is passionate and has a lot of experience teaching foreign students. She gives me confidence in my English. I really appreciate her as my teacher. It is not easy to study by myself, so she is helping me reach my goals faster. She is helping me with my speaking, listening and writing and she is very professional."

-Yoobin, South Korea



"I was in Boston for one month to study English at a language school but I still wanted to find a private teacher to improve my English. I found Lindsay on the web and I decided to meet with her. I felt like she was the right teacher for me because of her outgoing personality. I decided to take 20 classes with her. I found her to be a wonderful teacher. I like to study English with Lindsay but one month was too short. Now I think maybe we can use Skype to continue our classes. I am hoping she will teach me again when I go back to Boston. Thanks a million, Lindsay!"

-Grace, China



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