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Speakative English Conversation Partners Program





Are you looking for more opportunities to practice your English with native speakers and get corrected? This program is for upper-intermediate or advanced learners who want to reach fluency.


  • Get a native American conversation partner
  • Prepare for your conversation with our situation-based materials
  • Speak for 45 minutes with your partner, get corrected
  • Have fun, make a friend, learn about American culture


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Flexible Time and Location

English tutoring and lessons flexible timeYour busy schedule requires a flexible time and location for your English lessons.

Our lessons are held at quiet cafes, libraries or your workplace.

You will determine your lesson location with your tutor. Lesson times are flexible and are based on your schedule.

You can work with your tutor in the evening, on the weekend or during your lunch time. We are also flexible. If your schedule changes, you can change the time of your lesson.




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Our Teaching Style

ESL tutoring and lessons Boston and New YorkDuring your private lessons at English and Culture, you will speak English 100% of the time.

The lessons are interactive and fun.

You will improve your grammar, pronunciation, intonation and learn new vocabulary words by discussing topics that are important to you such as cultural differences between your country and the United States and your adjustment to life in New York or Boston.

In class, you will notice a positive environment where you will not be afraid to make a mistake.

We are flexible and patient teachers and we will plan the lessons according to your goals.





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