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your new life in Boston

Your New Life in Boston

Have you recently arrived in Boston? Are you confused about where to learn English, how to understand American people and how to complete everyday tasks?

  • Get advice on transportation, how to ask for directions, and how to order a coffee in English
  • Learn 13 important things you should know about Americans
  • Find out how to be successful in the American workplace
  • Get the inspiration, advice, and help you need to succeed

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daily life in the United StatesTwelve Resources for your Success in the United States

Need some links and resources for your new life in the United States? This free guide will give you 12 resources that will help get you off to a good start in your new life here.

  • Find out when, where and how much to tip
  • Learn about free museums and events in New York and Boston
  • Get resources for learning English online
  • Find out how to connect with the international community in your city

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