About English and Culture

Lindsay McMahon Founder and CEO of English and CultureHi my name is Lindsay. I am the Founder and CEO of English and Culture.

I have been working in the field of ESL and English training for the past ten years. My team and I have helped hundreds of adult English learners reach their goals in the United States.

Have you recently relocated to the United States and are you finding that it's hard to carry on spontaneous conversations in English with your colleagues, clients, boss, or new friends?

I know how you feel. I have lived and worked in Latin America, Japan, and Europe and I have struggled to learn and communicate in the local languages.

It is not easy to move to a new country but my team and I can help you.

Also, understanding American people and American culture is a key part of being successful here.

I hold a Masters degree in Intercultural Communication and I can show you how to communicate effectively here.

You have talent.

You have a professional or personal goal but English is your biggest obstacle.

It is our job to eliminate that obstacle for you.

We hope to work with you soon!


Lindsay McMahon ESL Teacher and Entrepeneur



Lindsay McMahon

Founder and CEO, English and Culture

MA Intercultural Relations

SIT TESOL Certificate


Who Do We Serve?

Is English and Culture right for you?

If you are a hard-working professional at the top of your field and your English skills are creating a barrier to your professional success, then English and Culture is right for you.

We work with:

  • CEOs and other executives who need to represent their company in English
  • Professionals in the fields of investment banking, marketing, engineering, management consulting, IT
  • Medical doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Research scientists and visting professors



About Us

English Skills and Cultural Competence: Your Tools for Success in the United States

Many international professionals recognize the need to improve their English skills; however, communication is so much more than vocabulary words and pronunciation. In order to be an effective communicator and succeed in the US, you need a deep understanding and awareness of culture as well as the English language.


At English and Culture Tutoring Services, we help international professionals in New York and Boston reach their goals through English language training and cultural training. Our students have a unique opportunity to develop a more complete set of communication skills that are in high demand in today's globalized economy.


English Language Training

4 ways we can help you improve your English:Experienced English tutor

  1. We have qualified, experienced English tutors
  2. We offer customized English courses including business English, general fluency and pronunciation
  3. Your lesson time and location are flexible and based on your schedule
  4. Cultural competence training is also available


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Cultural Training

4 benefits of cultural competence training:

  1. cultural training Become more skilled at doing business in the United States
  2. Learn how to adjust to life in the US
  3. Get a job in the US through training on how to interview in American culture
  4. Schedule your training at a convenient time, online or in person


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Student Testimonial

"My teacher is excellent and the instruction has been very enjoyable. She adapted to my learning style and found a way to teach that was suitable for me, based on my personal experience and background. She is also flexible, both in terms of time and subject matter so you can be sure to focus on exactly what you need at the moment. Although my schedule in New York was busy, I was looking forward to the lesson each day because it's interesting and she is very well prepared. She is also a very nice person and I think the lessons are great for every English language learner."

Hiro, Japan