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1) Would you like to share your thoughts on life in the United States?

  • Did you experience any difficulties adjusting to life in the United States?
  • Do you think that people communicate differently in the US compared with your culture?
  • What advice can you give to professionals or students who are thinking about moving to the United States?

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communication and culture2) Communication and Culture | An Interview with a Current Student of English and Culture


"Most Americans think that disagreements can or should be resolved through public discussion. They say their opinions against each other in public. Sometimes I feel that they spontaneously make and examine their own ideas during the discussion"


'Most Koreans think that public discussion sometimes is not a good method to resolve a disagreement...."

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3) Cultural Communication Differences Between the U.S. and Korea

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Uses of nonverbal communication in the United States
  • The ways that hierarchy and age affect communication in South Korea and how that compares with commmunication styles in the US.