English and Culture Resource Center

Thank you for visiting the English and Culture Resource Center. Here you can find resources to improve your English, your cultural competence and you can also get practical advice for life in the United States.

Improve your English

In this section, you will find:

  • English learning resourcesEnglish learning videos
  • English quizzes
  • Vocabulary and phrases for business English
  • Pronunciation lessons
  • Grammar
  • General fluency
  • Advice on how to learn English








Gain Cultural Competence

cultural resourcesIn this section, you will find resources on:

  • Doing business in the United States

  • Adjusting to life in American culture

  • Culture and how it affects communication

  • Interviewing in American culture








Get Practical Advice for Daily Life in the United States

practical advice for life in the United StatesVisit this section to get information on:

  • Practical advice for life in the US
  • Tipping and other customs
  • Connecting with the international community
  • Activities in New York and Boston