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Reach your Goals in New York with English and Culture

Everyone comes to New York with a dream. This vibrant and diverse city moves fast and in order to reach your goals here, you need to be able to communicate clearly in English and you need cultural competence. At English and Culture, we provide private English lessons and cultural training in New York. We will design a training plan according to your goals which will help you become successful in New York.

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Services Designed for your Busy Schedule

Your life is busy... we're flexible.

  • Private English lessons customized for you
  • Cultural training to help you gain cultural competence
  • Flexible times and locations
  • Professional and experienced language and cultural trainers
  • Free consultation available

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Student Testimonials

"When I came to New York, I had a good level of English but wanted to improve my business English in a short time. Lindsay was a very professional teacher and taught me a lot of important terms and definitions and also helped me to improve my grammar and pronunciation, which now helps me with my international work, back in Germany. The lessons with English and Culture were great and I learned a lot. "

-Stefanie, Germany



"I really appreciated all my English classes with English and Culture. I moved from Italy and suddenly I found myself working in an English environment that I was not going to understand 100%. Time was an issue. Being speedy in ramping up my English was one of my main goals. The school helped me create a tailored course where the teacher worked with me in the office during lunch time or any spare time that I could find in my busy days. Overall, from a professional and personal point of view, I strongly recommend English and Culture to any student who wants tailored support and dedicated attention."

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-Natalia, Italy


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