American English Pronunciation

American English Pronunciation woman speakingDevelop correct pronunciation and intonation with our professional, native English speaking tutors.

  • Focus on difficult sounds (R, L, V, B, Z, S)
  • Practice rythm and intonation through prepared exercises
  • Activities are based on your level, needs and goals
  • Gain confidence in your pronunciation for your career or everyday life
  • Learn the American accent with native English tutors
  • Courses available in Boston or New York






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Student Testimonials

"I've been impressed with my teacher's capabilities and her student- oriented approach. I have learned a lot not only from class conversation but also from her corrections during the classes. She is willing to correct my mistakes on the spot, helping me to not repeat the same mistakes anymore. There are a number of so-called English teachers in New York, but it's hard to find one who is really enthusiastic about teaching and understands how non-native speakers feel about their English. In that sense, I was lucky to find English and Culture. I will definitely take classes again if I am back in New York in the future."

Na Kyung Up, South Korea





"I have already stayed for five months in New York to learn English conversation. But I wanted to improve my skills much more by the time I leave for Japan, so I was looking for someone who could teach me much more English. I had only three weeks and was very rushed but I asked Lindsay about my situation by email, she was sympathetic to my request, so I decided to take the lessons with English and Culture. The lessons were very useful and interesting so I was never bored and time went by so quickly. Lindsay could pull out my ability and I enjoyed learning English. Anyway, I would like to continue learning with English and Culture when I go back to Japan."

Junko, Japan




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