Customized English Course

Manuel's Success Story


customized English courseStudent Profile:

Manuel had some experience learning English while he was a student in the south of Spain. However, when he came to New York on vacation for a few weeks in 2008, he didn't feel confident with his English and wanted to learn more.


The Challenge:

Manuel's main goal was to improve his general fluency and speaking skills. He also needed to work on some pronunciation points so that he could communicate while traveling in the US.


The Solution:

Manuel took two or three lessons per week for two weeks while he was staying with friends in New York. Here are the things that Manuel accomplished in his customized English course:

  • Improved English conversation skills through speaking activities and immediate error correction
  • Learned correct pronunciation of difficult sounds through dialogues and other exercises
  • Learned American English idioms and expressions as well as other English vocabulary words to use while visiting New York



Why Was English and Culture Right for Manuel?

Manuel was staying in New York for just a few weeks. Instead of taking a large group class, he wanted to have a flexible schedule for his lessons so that he could spend his time visiting the city. We worked out a schedule and lesson curriculum that was convenient and appropriate for his needs.



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