Intensive Private English Course

Hiro's Success Story


Intensive Private English Course Hiro

Student Profile:

Hiro came to New York from Japan for a few weeks in April of 2010. He was looking for an intensive private English course where he could improve his English in a short period of time.


 The Challenge:

As an entrepreneur in Japan, Hiro needed to improve his general English conversation skills for his business. He also needed to add new expressions and words to his vocabulary and work on difficult pronunciation points so that he could communicate more effectively in his work.


The Solution:

Hiro took a 12 lesson intensive course. His classes were 90 minutes each and he was able to create a flexible schedule that allowed him to get his own work done, visit New York and study English each day. Here is what Hiro did during his intensive course:

  • Learned new phrasal verbs and how to use them in general conversation
  • Practiced pronunciation with customized exercises and improved his ability to pronounce difficult sounds like "R" and "L"
  • Acquired new vocabulary words by reading newspaper articles for homework and discussing them with his tutor


Hiro's Thoughts on the Lessons:

"My teacher is excellent and the instruction has been very enjoyable. She adapted to my learning style and found a way to teach that was suitable for me, based on my personal experience and background. She is also flexible in terms of both time and subject matter so you can be sure to focus on exactly what you need at the moment. Although my schedule in New York was very busy, I was looking forward to the lesson every day because it's interesting and my tutor was well prepared. I think the lessons are great for every English language learner"

-Hiro, Japan



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