Reading and Writing in English for ESL Students

reading and writing in English for ESL studentsWe can help you improve your reading or writing skills for business, an internship or for your academic papers.

Newspaper Reading and Discussion

reading and writing in English for ESL students newspaperExpand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and learn about American culture through discussions on current events.

-Learn new vocabulary words and regional expressions

-Discuss different aspects of American culture with your tutor

-Improve your pronunciation and intonation by reading the articles with your tutor in class



Student Testimonial

"While I was on vacation in New York, I took classes twice per week for three weeks with English and Culture. In the class, I learned many phrasal verbs that were important to improve my vocabulary. Also, in every class we talked about an interesting article, these articles were the basis of our conversation practice. It was a good experience because the classes were prepared especially for my needs and focused on my goals"

Silvana, Brazil




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photo credit: Dominique Godbout
photo credit: Made Underground