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Kuna's Success Story


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Student Profile:

Kyungup (Kuna) was assigned to a 3 month professional project in New York in the spring of 2010. He had studied English in Korea but he wasn't satisfied with his English ability. He wanted to use the time in New York to take his English to the next level.


The Challenge:

Kuna was very busy with work and he never had a chance to practice his English on his own. He wanted to work with an ESL tutor in New York to improve his general fluency, his pronunciation and grammar and he needed to gain more knowledge about US culture for his job in the US. He also needed his errors corrected immediately so that he could learn from his mistakes.



The Solution:

Kuna took lessons two times per week during his lunch break or after work. Since Kuna had very little time, his tutor worked with him in midtown Manhattan, near his workplace. Here is what Kuna accomplished during his English course:

  • Improved general fluency by reading newspaper articles and discussing them in class
  • Learned new vocabulary words and typical American English phrases
  • Improved pronunciation through immediate error correction and customized pronunciation exercises
  • Gained better English communication skills through student-centered lessons



Why Was English and Culture Right for Kuna?

Kuna only had a few months to improve his English. He needed an ESL tutor who could analyze his strengths and weaknesses and create an intensive course that was customized based on his specific needs and goals. He also wanted a positive learning atmosphere and he found that the classes with English and Culture were fun and helped him to stay motivated to learn.


Kuna's Thoughts on the Lessons:

"I've been impressed with my teacher's capabilities and her student-oriented approach. I have learned a lot not only from class conversations but also from her corrections during the class. She is willing to correct my mistakes on the spot, helping me to not repeat the same mistakes anymore. There are a number of so-called English teachers in New York but it's hard to find one who is really enthusiastic about teaching and understands how non-native English speakers feel about their English. In that sense, I was lucky to find English and Culture. I will definitely take classes again if I am back in New York in the future"


-Kyungup (Kuna), South Korea




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