The English and Culture Method for Language Courses

English language training method Boston

  • Communication-based English training: We focus on helping you gain the English skills you need to communicate effectively. Our private, customized courses are designed in a way that allows you (the student) to speak for 80%-90% of the lesson time. The lessons are held entirely in English using the immersion method.


  • Use of authentic materials: We use authentic materials such as business negotiation dialogues, role plays, newspapers, news and video clips and quizzes to make your English course directly applicable to your life in the United States.


  • Cultural training included in course:  We believe that in order to be successful in the U.S., both English language skills and cultural competence are necessary. For our individual learners, we offer cultural competence training as a part of your English course. For companies and organizations, cultural competence training can be implemented upon request.


  • Immediate error correction: We listen for and identify errors in grammar, vocabulary, intonation and pronunciation as you speak during the class. We will make you aware of your error immediately and we will provide the opportunity to practice the correction.


  • Results measured and tracked: We can provide a preliminary language assessment as well as ongoing measurements to track your progress. We also work with you to set very specific short and long-term objectives when you begin your course with English and Culture.


  • Understanding of the language learning process: All instructors of English and Culture have experience learning a second or third language. We understand how languages are acquired. We also understand that learning a new language can be a stressful experience for adults. We do our best to create a comfortable learning atmosphere for you.


  • A positive and motivating atmosphere: Our instructors are able to create an environment where you feel comfortable making mistakes. We will motivate you and help you stay on the right track to your English communication goals.


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