Private English Classes for Professionals

Patricia's Success Story

private English classes for professionals new yorkStudent Profile:

Patricia took a short term intensive course with English and Culture when her work sent her to New York to complete a professional project.


The Challenge:

Patricia wanted to become more comfortable and confident while speaking English. She had taken courses in her home country of Spain but hadn't reached the level of fluency that she needed. She also needed some work with pronunciation and vocabulary for her professional project in Manhattan.



The Solution:

Patricia took classes with English and Culture 4 or 5 times per week. Each class was 90 minutes long and she was able to study with her tutor in an area that was located close to her work assignment. Here is what Patricia accomplished while taking private English classes:


  • Improved her ability to pronounce difficult sounds like "z" through pronunciation exercises and conversation practice
  • Learned new grammar points and used them in real conversation activities and role plays
  • Practiced her general fluency in a relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • Used her improved speaking skills to communicate with her colleagues during her work assignment
  • Gained confidence in her English speaking ability



Why was English and Culture Right for Patricia?


Patricia spent just one month in New York and really needed a tutor who could work around her schedule. She was also extremely busy with her professional assignment and needed flexibility in her course schedule. We were able to provide a flexible schedule. She also had very specific English goals (to gain confidence in her speaking and pronunciation). We were able to create a learning plan for her based on those goals.


Patricia's Thoughts on the Lessons:


"I have been studying for one month, four or five days per week in an intensive course with English and Culture. During this time, I have improved the most with my English compared with any of my previous classes. I have forgotten my shyness while speaking English. The classes have been in a relaxed atmosphere and very focused on my needs. This has been the best way for me to learn and express myself. I consider English and Culture to be the best option to improve in English. It is very sad for me not to take more classes. I would like to take my teacher with me back to Spain!"

-Patricia, Spain



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