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Natalia's Success Story


Business English communication tutor in new york, NataliaStudent Profile:

Natalia came to New York in 2011 with very specific goals for her English. She wanted to communicate more effectively at her job and she needed to learn new English skills for her everyday life in the community. She was also very motivated to improve her English.


The Challenge:

Natalia needed to improve quickly but she also had a very tight schedule. She needed a customized course geared toward business English skills and she needed her business English communication tutoring to take place during her lunch hour or just after work.



The Solution:

Natalia took an intensive course package of 9 private lessons. She worked with her tutor 2 or 3 times per week at her workplace. During her course, here is what she achieved:


  • Practiced and gained an understanding of the differences between formal and casual English conversations
  • Role played Powerpoint presentations and business conversations using new professional vocabulary
  • Learned to write business letters and emails in English including the introduction, main body and the conclusion
  • Prepared for business teleconferences in English



Natalia's Thoughts on the Lessons:


“I really appreciated all my English classes with English and Culture. I moved from Italy and suddenly I found myself working in an English environment that I was not going to understand 100%."

"Time was an issue. Being speedy in ramping up my English was one of the main goals. The school helped me to design a tailored crash course where the teacher worked with me in the office during lunch time or any spare time I could find in my busy days. We had together tons of conversations based on hypothetical business topics. We wrote together many different business letters focusing on how to start, how to finish a letter and learned differences between colloquial and formal conversations. I am still using this material when I have some doubt. Overall, from a professional and a personal point of view, I strongly recommend English and Culture to any new student who wants tailored support and dedicated attention"


Natalia, Italy



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