Expatriate Family Coaching | Cross-Cultural Training for Families

expatriate family coaching, mother and sonWe can give you the tools to help your family members adjust to life in the US with our coaching program.

  • Learn how to recognize the signs of culture shock in your family members
  • Gain methods and strategies for helping your family adjust to life in the US
  • Get information about the US education system and what is valued within the system
  • Find out how to connect with the international community in Boston or New York






Life in the US | Adjustment Challenges for your Family

International professionals often do not succeed in the United States because their family is not able to adjust. Success for the international professional must include success for his or her family.


"..... My husband goes to work just like he did before, but my children and my life are totally changed. We are on the other side of the world, don't know the language, can't drive. It's very hard."



Source: "ExpatExpert.com/AMJ Campbell International Relocation "Family Matters!" Survey."

Your Child's Cultural Adjustment | Recognizing Culture Shock

expatriate family coaching, boy with globeChildren react differently to life in a new culture. Here are some clues that your child might be experiencing culture shock:

    - Boredom

    - Sleeping too much

    - Trying to "go native"

    - Feelings of hostility toward local people

    - Difficulty learning

    - Fatigue

Photo credits- woodleywonderworks, Emery Co Photo
Source: Crossing Cultures with Competence, Trainer Guide, Interchange Institute