Interview Preparation for English Learners

Interview preparation for English learners, man and woman shaking handsLooking for a job? Prepare for your interview with English and Culture.

-Role play common American interview questions with your tutor

-Practice answering questions with correct grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary

-Practice your self- introduction

-Learn important cultural norms for interviews

-Have your tutor proofread your resume and cover letter




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Interview Success = English Skills and Cultural Competence

Interview preparation for English learners and culture business cardCultural competence might be the skill you need to get the job. We provide training on the following items:

  • Direct vs. indirect communication styles
  • Group vs. individual mentality in interview responses
  • American expectations and norms in an interview
  • How to interpret nonverbal communication in an American interview
  • Levels of formality in American interviews
  • Variations between cultures in the use of silence
  • How to discuss your accomplishments in an American interview
  • How to follow up after the interview



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