Short-term Private English Course in New York

Nevio's Success Story

describe the imageStudent Profile:

Nevio traveled to New York from Italy in 2010 for a few weeks and took a short-term private English course while he was in the city.


The Challenge:

Nevio needed to focus on his grammar skills and pronunciation. He wanted to improve so that he could communicate with the people that he came into contact with in New York during his vacation. Nevio also needed to be a better communicator in English for his job back in Italy.


The Solution:

Nevio took 90 minute classes with English and Culture every day for the week that he was in New York.  He also completed homework in order to practice his skills and prepare for each class. Here is what he accomplished in his course:

  • Learned conjugations of present and past tense verb forms
  • Practiced new grammar forms in role plays and conversations with his tutor
  • Improved his American English pronunciation through speaking activities and drills



Why Was English and Culture Right for Nevio?

Nevio had a unique learning style and he needed to create a lesson schedule that fit around his plans for visiting New York. Working individually with his tutor, he was able to gain the skills that he needed through activities that were geared toward the way that he liked to learn.



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