Doing Business in the United States

doing business in the united statesCultural competence at work is crucial. Learn how to do business in the United States through our training sessions.

  • Learn to identify your cultural values and how they influence your work style
  • Gain skills for negotiating with competitors and colleagues from different cultures
  • Use cultural knowledge and insight during presentations, meetings and interviews
  • Schedule your coaching session at a convenient time in Boston or New York



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American Values in the Workplace

doing business in the united states, woman at workWhen you conduct business in the United States, keep these cultural values in mind:

- Success is often determined by forces within one's control

- Competition is considered positive

- Individual achievements are important

- Results are expected quickly

- Action is valued

- Time is a commodity and is valuable, it should not be wasted

- Risk- taking is encouraged

- Contracts are important and often required to finalize an agreement


Photo credit Alaivani
Source: Moran, H. (2007) Managing cultural differences: Global leadership strategies for the 21st century