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American Culture and Business: The Handshake

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, May 11, 2011 @ 08:44 AM

american culture and businessWelcome to today's lesson on American culture and business!

If you are learning English in the United States and working at an American company, there are some aspects of American culture that you might want to know more about.

One important thing to know if you are working, interviewing or just meeting new people in the United States, is the handshake. Why is the handshake so important?

People often make judgments about your character based on your handshake.

So if you want to make a good first impression, you need to know how to shake hands correctly and confidently in the United States.

In this post, you will learn 4 things to remember about shaking hands in the United States.



"A handshake produces a higher degree of intimacy and trust within a matter of seconds" - Lisa. B Marshall



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The Handshake: 4 Tips for Success


the handshake and american business, 4 tips1. Make eye contact and smile: If you want to make a good impression when you are shaking hands, you also need to connect with the person through the eyes and the smile.


 2. Shake with one hand only: When you add another hand, it appears fake.

This has been called the "politicians handshake". To convey confidence and build trust, shake with one hand only.


 3. Don't give a weak handshake: If your handshake is weak or limp, you will be perceived as lacking confidence or as being introverted which is not a positive quality to display in a job interview in the United States.

If you are not sure how firmly to shake, remember that the strength of your handshake should match the other person's strength.


4. Always shake hands before and after the meeting or interview. Most American people will expect to shake hands at the beginning and at the end of a formal business gathering.



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photo credit-Leo Reynolds, thinkpanama

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