Interviewing in American Culture

interviewing in American culture, woman writingYour level of cultural competence will influence your ability to get hired. Prepare for your interview with English and Culture.

  • Identify your cultural communication style and how it might affect your interviewing style
  • Learn how to present yourself in an American interview
  • Gain an awareness of nonverbal communication including eye contact and gestures
  • Supplement your cultural training with English tutoring and lessons
  • Learn in Boston or New York at a convenient time and location








Communication Styles in an Interview | High vs. Low Context

interviewing in american culture, businessman in hallwayDifferent communication styles are often the reason for misunderstandings and mistakes during the interview process.

Do you prefer to make a point by telling a story or making an implication (hinting) or would you rather directly say what's on your mind? Do you rely on nonverbal gestures and eye contact to make a point and expect the other person to understand what you are trying to communicate?

To prepare for your interview, we will help you identify your own cultural communication style and how that might be different from the people who are interviewing you in the United States. We will talk about how American people might communicate in an interview and how you can use that knowledge to connect with the interviewer and communicate your qualifications and experience more effectively.



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