English Conversation Lessons

English conversation lessons, speakingImprove your English fluency and become a confident English speaker.

To communicate effectively in English, you need confidence. We can help you become more comfortable and confident speaking English through regular English conversation lessons in New York or Boston. Our tutors know how to make the lessons positive and engaging. We will create lesson plans based on your needs and goals that allow you to speak English throughout the entire lesson.




Lessons Designed For Your Needs and Goals

English conversation lessons studentsLearn to speak English with confidence. With our English conversation lessons, you will:

  • Improve your English fluency 
  • Learn to speak more naturally
  • Work with a native English speaking tutor
  • Get your errors corrected immediately
  • Schedule your English conversation lesson at a convenient time and location
  • Receive cultural training plus English conversation lessons







Immediate Error Correction

English conversation lessons error correctionGet your mistakes corrected immediately in a positive learning environment.

Everyone has a different learning style but most English students benefit when their mistakes are corrected immediately. During your English conversation lessons your tutor will identify your grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation mistakes immediately to make sure that you say the word or grammar point correctly in the conversation. This will help you gain confidence in your ability to speak naturally and correctly in a casual, conversational setting.



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