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Confusing Words in English: Top 12 Video Quiz

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Thu, Apr 28, 2011 @ 12:41 PM

confusing words in englishWelcome to our vocabulary workshop on confusing words in English! Today we would like to help you with 12 vocabulary words that can be confusing for native speakers as well as English language learners. Do you know the difference between advice and advise? plane and plain? led and lead? If not, this video quiz is for you!




Try the video quiz first!





Next, test your learning. Choose the correct answer:


In the past/passed, Joe was a businessman.  He earned a lot of money but he didn't enjoy his job.  Once, after a hard day at work, he asked his friend for some advice/advise. His friend, Sara, advised/adviced him to find his true passion and change his career. She said that if he did, he would have more peace/piece of mind.  After some reflection, Joe realized that he wanted to become a tour guide and lead/led tour groups around New York. However Joe was afraid that he would lose/loose a lot of income if he changed his job.


So a few months passed/past and he was still working as a businessman. For his job, he was assigned to a project in Thailand. He packed his suitcase and prepared for the trip. On the plane/plain, he met a woman who worked as a tour guide in Bangkok. She told him about her job and said that she really looked forward to work every day. Unfortunately, he couldn't say the same thing about his own job. After that conversation, he decided that he couldn't wait any longer to start living his dream.  As soon as he arrived in Thailand, he called his company and said that he would complete his assignment in Thailand, but after that he was going to quit and change his career.


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