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Why You Need an English Tutor in New York: 5 Reasons

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, May 10, 2011 @ 09:08 AM

Why should you work with an English tutor in New York?

As an international professional or an international student living in New York, there are so many ways to improve your English.

You can choose a large language school, you can do a language exchange or you can work with an English tutor.

But your life in New York will be different from your life in any other city.

With so many things to do, a career that keeps you busy, meetings to attend and people to meet, you will have a busy life!

That is one of the reasons why I believe that working with an English tutor in New York is the best way to improve your English quickly.

Keep reading for more hints about the best way to improve your English.


5 Reasons to Work with an English Tutor in New York


1. Don't waste your time in a large class

Many people arrive in New York for their job and they know that they need to improve their English.

So they decide that they will look for a class or a teacher.

Time passes quickly- 3 months, 6 months and then before they know it, a year has passed by, they haven't found their tutor and they have done nothing to improve their English.

Taking Individual English lessons is the best way to start working toward your English goals right away. 



2. Your Career Success Depends on your English

Are you working for a company in New York?

If so, do you always feel comfortable speaking with your colleagues or your clients in English?

If you don't feel comfortable communicating at work, how do you plan to advance in your career?

If you commit to improving your English, you will see the benefits in your work life.

Ask your human resources manager if the company would be willing to pay for your English lessons.



3. Your Life in New York is Busy

Taking a group English class at a large school is one option but at a large language school can you take classes in the evening?

on the weekends?

during your lunch hour?

Can you change your class time if you have a change in your work schedule?

Flexibility is a major benefit to working with an English tutor and in New York, flexibility is a necessity. 



4. You Can Move Beyond your Own Cultural Group

In New York, a lot of people have trouble learning English because they remain inside their own cultural community and continue speaking their own language and eating their own food.

This is comfortable but will you learn anything? New York is a city that makes it very easy to speak your own language- whether you speak Swahili or Japanese or Russian-there are always people to speak with.  It's important to challenge yourself.

Arranging a private English class with a native speaking tutor at least a few times per week is the best way to make sure that you won't fall into this trap.



5. Your Adjustment to United States Culture will be Easier

As you learn English with your tutor, you will start to learn about American culture.

You will understand the people by learning common phrases that they use, their pronunciation, intonation and speaking rythms.

As you learn more about the people and the culture in the US, you will start to feel at home in your new city.

Soon you will be starting conversations with local people and you will no longer experience the US or New York City from the outside.

You will be a part of the city and the culture. Working with a tutor is the best way to get there.



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