Resources: Notes on Life and Language in the United States

Expatriate Resources: Your New Life in the United States

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, Jul 19, 2011 @ 11:40 AM

expatriate resources lightbulbMoving to a new country is an exciting and scary experience! If you have recently moved to New York or Boston and you want to connect with the international community in your city, we have some great expatriate resources for you today! Meeting other newcomers and international professionals who are also getting used to life in the United States will help you to adjust to the culture and will give you a chance to practice your English and expand your social or professional network. A lot of my students in New York and Boston tell me that they can't find any opportunities to practice their English outside of class and meet new people. In this post, you have 5 ways to connect with the people around you. Success is about connections! So get out there, practice your English and enjoy your new city!!

1. Expat Exchange: At Expat Exchange you can find networks, forums and resources for expatriates including housing and information on visas and immigration in Boston and New York.         

2. Newcomers Clubs: A great opportunity to become a part of a community! This site has suggestions for clubs that you can get involved with in Boston or New York including International Women's Club of Boston, the Boston Dinner Club and the Mom's Club.

3. Internations: A member-only site to find events for expatriates in New York and Boston. You can also find restaurant reviews and information about housing, schools, healthcare, culture and sports.

4. Expat Women: This is a site for female expatriates and includes interviews with female entrepreneurs, forums, stories about living in a new culture, articles about jobs and careers for women and more.


5. Meetup: This is a fantastic way to meet new people in your city and a great opportunity to practice your English. If you are living in New York, try the New York Expats Meetup group. They have 729 members and well-attended meetups. Their next event is a wine tasting on July 27th. If you are in Boston, try the Boston Expat and World Travelers Meetup or Boston's Trailing Spouses. They also have a meetup for any hobby or interest that you want to pursue.   


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