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Find the Right Private English Tutor | 11 Important Questions to Ask

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 @ 08:21 AM

private English tutor questions to askDoes this sound like your situation? You need to improve your English skills to be more successful in your career or your everyday life in the United States. You have tried group classes but the classes didn't work with your schedule or your learning style. You have decided that the best solution is to find a private English tutor. So your search begins! You have a challenge ahead of you! How can you find the right private English tutor? In the big cities, like New York and Boston you have so many options but how do you make the right choice? How can you find a real professional who has the skills and experience to help you reach your goals? You have to ask the right questions! What are those questions? In this post, we will give you three of those questions to get started. If you would like to get all eleven questions, please download the guide How to Find the Right Private English Tutor: 11 Questions to Ask



Find the Right Private English Tutor | Ask These 11 Questions:


1. Is the tutor certified to teach ESL? Does he have a master's degree in TESOL?

You are going to invest money and time in your lessons with your private English tutor so make sure that he is a professional! Ask the tutor if he has a CELTA or TESOL certification or a master's degree. If your tutor has qualifications, that means that teaching English is a career, not a hobby. A teacher with qualifications takes teaching seriously and has the tools to create high quality lessons based on your goals.



2. Are the tutor's former and current students happy?

A great way to learn more about your potential tutor is to ask to speak with some of her current students. Send an email to a current student, or a student that the tutor has worked with in the past and find out how the lessons went. Ask them how long they have worked with the tutor and what they like about working with the tutor.



3. Has the tutor taught English outside of the United States?

Highly qualified tutors have often taught English abroad in Asia, Latin America or Europe. If your tutor has taught abroad, he is likely to have some insight into how communication styles vary based on culture. Why is this important? Private English lessons are all about communication and your tutor must have the skills and flexibility to create lessons based on the way that you learn.


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