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Common English Mistakes: Video Lesson

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Thu, May 12, 2011 @ 08:52 AM

common english mistakesThere are some common English mistakes that many people make when they are learning English. Some of the mistakes are common for native English speakers too! In today's video, I will talk about some of the common mistakes and help you to understand them so that you will be able to use them correctly in your daily English conversations. Please watch the video first, then take the quiz to see how much you learned! Good luck and enjoy!


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Try this quiz to test your learning:


Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:

it's, its, affect, effect, weather, whether, through, threw, there, they're, their


1. _______ are a lot of students in Boston. Boston is a college town.______ intellectual atmosphere is very attractive to many students.


2. A: How is the soup?

    B: _____ not the best soup I have ever tried, but it's fine.


3. A: Does the rain have any effect on you?

    B: Not really. It has never________ me very much.


4. I hope I can get _____ this day. I am so busy and stressed   out.


5. They came to the movies with us but they left _____ car at home.


6. Do you think he was the one who ____ the ball_____ our neighbor's window?


7. A:_____ so nice outside today!

    B: Yes, it is. I can't wait to go outside for a walk.


8. I'm not sure _____ I'll go to the party or not. It really depends on the_______


Check your answers to this quiz


How did you do on the quiz? Keep working on your English skills! Learn about more common English mistakes! Check out this quiz on confusing words in English.



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