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Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, May 20, 2011 @ 09:48 AM

American English TutoringYour American English tutoring classes are a good opportunity to learn more than just English speaking skills. You can also learn about daily life in the United States with your native English speaking tutor. One of the questions that a lot of my students have asked during our English tutoring sessions is about tipping in the United States. When and where should you leave a tip? How much money should you leave? If you are an international professional working in the United States for a few years or if you are a short term traveler visiting New York or Boston for a few days, this listening activity will tell you what you need to know about tipping.


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Tipping in the United States:


Deciding how much money to leave as a tip is always the hardest part. Just remember, it always depends on the quality of the service that you receive. If you eat in a restaurant and your server is friendly, the food is good and the service is fast, then you should leave a good tip- around 20% of your total bill. But restaurants aren't the only place you need to leave a tip. Listen to the recording to practice your listening skills and learn more.







4 Places to Leave a Tip:


  • Restaurant: 15-20% of total bill
  • Bar: $1-$2 per drink
  • Taxi: 10%-15% of total cost of ride
  • Hair Salon: 10%-20% of total bill


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