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English in Business | 10 Phrases For Your Next Meeting in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 @ 08:54 AM

English in business new york, English in business BostonAre you prepared for your next meeting in English?

Your level of English in a business meeting could directly impact your success at work and in your career in general.

If you want to prepare for your meeting, try downloading our new guide- How to Lead a Business Meeting in English.

Also in this post, we have links to some of our recent content that can help you improve your ability to speak English with confidence at work. 


Get the top 12 phrases that you MUST know to be confident in your next business meeting in English.

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Improve your English in Business:


  • Get 3 great tips for your next business meeting with Americans: Sure, you need to know the right English phrases to use in a business meeting, but you also need to understand the culture! This article will give you some important hints that you can't ignore if you want to be successful in your career in the United States. 3 Tips for your Next Business Meeting with Americans


  • Get new strategies for presenting to American audiences: Is presenting in the United States the same as presenting in your home country? We don't think so! In many professional presentations in the US, you need to get your audience involved. Read the article for more info: Presenting to American Audiences | Get your Listeners Involved

  • Improve your telephone English skills: Are you working in a position where you have to answer the phone a lot? Do you ever feel that it's difficult to understand the caller and hard to know what phrases to use in response? Check out this blog post for some help: American Business English | Telephone Vocabulary


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