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Learning English in Boston | 5 Ways to Speak More Often

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 @ 09:39 AM

Learning English in Boston, talking birdsAre you currently learning English in Boston? I met with a student last week who is studying at a large conversation English school and he was feeling discouraged. He said that he couldn't find any opportunities to speak English outside of class and he didn't want to pay for private classes. Have you ever felt this way? Well, you don't have to pay for private classes to get more English practice. Sure, private English classes are right for some people who are busy and have very focused goals that they need to reach for their career or their education in a short period of time. However, if you have a little spare time and if you are not afraid to get out there and take some risks, follow these ideas and just start speaking!


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5 Things you Can Do Today to Practice your English:


1. Join a Meetup for Non-Native English Speakers: There are a few meetups in Boston that you can attend on a regular basis to get out and start speaking English. Try the Boston English as a Second Language Meetup Group. This group meets every month. You will get to practice your English and you will have a great time meeting other international professionals and students!


2. Join a Language Exchange Meetup: This is another great, affordable way to speak English and meet native English speakers. If you are Japanese, try the Boston Japanese and English Language Club. If you are from China, try the Boston Mandarin Chinese Meetup Group. During the meetup, you will probably get to help native English speakers learn your own language and I'm sure they'll help you with your English.


3. Find your own Language Exchange: After attending a few meetup groups, you might find a native English speaker who seems interested in learning your native language. Why not arrange your own weekly language exchange? Here is some advice on how to arrange your English language exchange.


4. Do what you Love! Do you like to go hiking? Are you an artist who likes to visit galleries on the weekends? Do you like to volunteer? There are tons of groups in Boston for any interest. Go back to the meetup site or just go to Google and enter your interest or hobby. You don't need to attend a group or activity that is specifically geared toward English practice. In fact, it might better to seek out a group that is based on your passion. When you are engaged in your favorite activities, you will forget about being too shy or nervous to speak. Try learning English through your hobby for a few months and see what happens!


5. Improve your Public Speaking Skills: If you really want to challenge yourself, improving your public speaking is a great way to improve your English. This might be good for an advanced student who is looking to improve intonation, pronunciation and English presentation skills. Last year I had an advanced student who did this. It turned out to be a huge confidence builder. It was a lot of fun for him and he saw real improvement. Check out Toastmasters for more information.



So if you are learning English in Boston, you now have 5 great ways to speak English more often. Choose one of these ideas or an idea of your own and get out there and speak! Click the button below to get more great tips and advice!


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