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How to Say that You Are Angry in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Wed, Feb 26, 2014 @ 12:28 PM

how to say that you are angry in EnglishDo you get angry a lot?

Do you wish that you had more than one or two words to communicate your feelings in English?

In today's lesson, I will give you some new words to say that you are not happy.

Check out today's lesson to develop a deeper English vocabulary!





#1) Annoyed


To be "annoyed" is not an extremely strong emotion. It means that something or someone bothers you but it doesn't consume your mind completely.

Example: "The mosquitos in the woods annoy me in the summer."

Similar words:

  • Irritated: "The heavy traffic really irritated me today."
  • Irked: "It irks me when people don't pay their subway fare."
  • Bothered: "I'm feeling bothered by our noisy neighbors"
  • Miffed: "She didn't get invited to the party so she was miffed"
  • Bitter: "He is still bitter about a fight that they had a long time ago"
  • Agitated: "At the end of a long day of shopping I feel agitated"



#2) Upset

upset in EnglishThe word "upset" could mean that you are sad or that you are angry.

It can be used in a lot of different situations.

Example: "She was upset when she found out that he didn't get accepted into the college of her choice."

Similar words:

  • Unhappy: "He is unhappy in his job so he needs to change careers"
  • Distressed: "I am feeling distressed about the problems with the environment"



#3) Angry


Example: "He is still angry at his ex-wife for the way she treated him"

Similar words:

  • Mad: "Are you mad at me?" (note- this word also means mentally unstable, but it is more often used in American English to mean upset)
  • Resentful: "Even though they had a fight years ago, he is still resentful toward her"



#4) Furious


furiousWhen we are "furious" we are extremely angry.

Example: "He was furious when he found out that his son robbed a store."

Similar words:

  • Enraged: "The citizens were enraged when they found out who won the election"
  • Irate: "When she got the bad news, she became irate."
  • Fuming: " My boss is fuming because we made a mistake and lost the contract."
  • Livid: "She was livid at not being included in the group."




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