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How to Ask an American about their Pet in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:16 AM

how to ask an american about their pet in EnglishDo you want to start more conversations in English?

If you do, then learn how to ask Americans about their pets!

Americans love their pets and they talk about them a lot.

Some Americans even dress their pets up in little sweaters or costumes for holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

Basically, a pet is a member of the family in the US. Therefore, if you want to communicate successfully with Americans, you need to know how to ask them about their pet.

In today's lesson you will learn 5 questions that you can ask an American to start a conversation about their pet. This is a great way to start small talk and a great way to practice your English.




#1) How to compliment someone on their pet


cat  how to ask someone about their cat in English

  • "Oh my gosh, he's so cute"
  • "She's adorable!"
  • "He's such a cutie!" ("cutie= slang for "cute")
  • "He's beautiful"







#2) Questions to ask when you first meet someone's pet


  • dog owner"When did you get her?" or "How long have you had him?" or "How old is she?"
  • "Is she an indoor or an outdoor cat?" (note- in the US, some people keep their cats outdoors permanently and might only bring them inside on the coldest days. Other families keep their cats inside all of the time.)
  • "Is he friendly?" (note- you might want to teach this phrase to a child so that she or he can know which dogs are safe to pet and which ones aren't)
  • "Can I pet him?"
  • "What kind of dog is she?" or "What breed is he?"
  • "Where did you get him?" (note- in the US, it's common to adopt a pet from a shelter and some people get their pets from the pet store.)



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