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6 English Greetings for a Rainy Day

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Tue, Apr 08, 2014 @ 08:51 AM

English Greetings for a rainy dayToday is a rainy day here in Boston!

Is it raining where you live?

As you know, the weather is an easy topic to choose if you want to make small talk. 

On a rainy day, it's a great time to start a conversation in English with your colleagues about the weather.

Today I'll give you six ways to do that.




#1) "Nice weather, huh?"

Sarcasm is a big part of American English. On a rainy day, if someone says this to you, they are definitely being sarcastic.

You can also tell that someone is being sarcastic by listening for a different tone of voice and maybe watching for a smile.

The person might also roll their eyes if they are being sarcastic.



#2) "It's raining cats and dogs today."


This is an idiom and it's used once in a while to describe the weather when it's raining extremely hard.




3) "Can you believe this weather?"


This is another great way to begin a casual conversation with a colleague during a lunch break or during your coffee break.

You can begin the conversation with this question and then you can move into other conversation topics, such as things that are going on at work or you can ask them about their families or their hobbies.



4)"Man, it's really downpouring out there."


To "downpour" means to rain hard.

If it's raining very hard, you can say this with the correct intonation while showing enthusiasm and a sense of being surprised by the intensity of the weather.




5) "It's really coming down out there"


When we say that the rain is "coming down" it's a casual way to say that rain is falling, that there is precipitation in the air. You can also say this when it's snowing hard.




#6) "Stay dry!"


You can say this to a colleaugue or a friend on a rainy day when you say goodbye.


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