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Are You Living English or Just Learning English?

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 06:39 AM

are you living English or just learning itYou want to become more confident in English, right?

You are tired of feeling confused all of the time when you communicate with people.

You are tired of not being understood by native speakers.

Well, today I am going to show you why just "learning English" in the same way that you might learn a new skill or a math subject is not enough to gain the English skills you want and I'll show you a better way to do it.



What's the problem with just "learning English"?


We had an interview with another online English teacher last week and this got me thinking about this topic.

If you haven't achieved the level of success you want with English you are probably treating it as an academic subject and it's not just an academic subject.

You are removing yourself from the language. You are hiding behind a grammar book.

This doesn't work because your brain is not completely engaged when you are "learning English" from a textbook and treating it like another school subject.



Why is "living English" better?


live EnglishWhen you are "living English" you aren't separating yourself from it.

You aren't treating it like a school subject.

To "live English" the first thing you need is lots of close connections with people who speak English as native speakers.

You want to start focusing on those relationships and forget about asking them to correct you because they won't do it and that's not their job.

They are trying to be your friend so build that connection and your English skills will get better naturally.



How to "live English"


  • Make native friends instead of hiring a tutor
  • Go to a barbecue instead of studying your grammar book
  • Chat with your friends and listen closely to their pronunciation instead of asking them to correct you
  • Learn English while you participate in a new sport instead of in a classroom



What's the bottom line?


The key question is this: are you separating yourself and your life from your English?

Are you treating it like a school subject that should be studied for 2 hours a day and then are you putting your book away until the next day? Stop doing that!

To really get better at English, you need to get close to the language.

Make it YOUR language.

Build relationships with natives.

Make it an exciting challenge and be curious.

Good luck!


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