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How to Talk About Your Emotions in English

Posted by Lindsay McMahon on Fri, Jul 18, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

how to express emotions in EnglishDo you ever want to say how you are feeling about something in English but don't know the exact word to explain your feeling in an English conversation?

Humans are complicated!

We feel a huge range of emotions throughout the day.

The ten "emotion" words that you memorized in your English textbook back in high school won't be enough to explain your day to day emotions.

Today we'll give you some more sophisticated English vocabulary words to explain how you feel.

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1) "He is really getting me down"


getting me down English phrasal verbTo "get someone down" means to make them feel bad or sad.

If you say mean things to someone you could "get them down."

Here are a few other ways to say it:

  • "He is really making me feel low."
  • "He is really making me feel sad."
  • "He is really bringing me down."







2) "After he fought with his brother he went to the beach to calm down."


calm down English phrasal verbTo "calm down" means to relax.

It means to come back down to a balanced state of emotion after you have been upset, excited, or nervous.

Other ways to say this:

  • "After he fought with his brother he went to the beach to relax"
  • "After he fought with his brother he went to the beach to feel better."





3) "My friends really crack me up."


crack up english phrasal verbThis means that your friends really make you laugh.

They are silly and like to have a good time.

Other ways to say this:

  • "My friends are hilarious."
  • "My friends make me laugh a lot."







4) "He likes to goof off with his dad on the weekends."


goof off english phrasal verbThis means that he likes to be silly and have fun with his dad on the weekends.

They do childish things and have a great time.

Other ways to say this:

  • "He likes to play around with his dad on the weekends."
  • "He likes to mess around with his dad on the weekends."





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